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Learn German Language Radio D 20 March 2007 Other online German language courses Das Deutsche Wörterbuch Vocabulario Duden Dicta Category:German language Category:German-language educationI can see it now, the Economist on its cover with 'War is coming'. 'The calamitous Iraq war, which is already going badly, could escalate into a full-scale US-Iran conflict, writes Anthony Cordesman. Who will be hurt the most in the event of an all-out war? Maybe this book will help the reader to understand the war, and its consequences, better. Essential reading for anyone working in the weapons business, Tony's book explains, in as straightforward a manner as possible, the processes, the industries and the interactions at play in the world of weapons. And, because Tony is on the ground, in the Pentagon, he provides insight into how the decision-making works and how this sometimes leads to bad decisions that have been made and that have led to consequences the world is still dealing with today. The book begins with the very beginning of the modern arms industry. Tony traces how key inventions such as the internal combustion engine and aeronautics, both of which ultimately led to the development of the warplanes that are still flying today, played their part in the development of the first world wars. It then takes a further step back in time to discuss the invention of the first small arms. It then follows on from there and moves on to the use of weapons by countries and their institutions in armed conflicts. This includes the US, the UK, Russia, China and countries in the Middle East. But, if there is a unique thing about Tony's book it's that he explains all of this in an accessible way, with the explanation being more about the hows and whys of the weapons industry, and the processes involved, rather than just the 'how much' of the industry. Tony describes how companies in the arms trade are built up over time, and the processes of buying, production and selling that takes place. The arms industry is often referred to as a 'complex' industry, and this is why Tony uses a diagram at the beginning of the book to explain how the industry actually works and how the participants are intertwined. Tony takes the reader through the marketing, the manufacturing, the maintenance and the subsequent sale of the various arms. There is a real depth to his knowledge

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_VERIFIED_ Radio D Deutsche Welle.pdf

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